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We at BFSITechTalks believe that access to innovative financial services & solutions can empower startups and investors at BFSI sectors to understand & improve their opportunities. We are a steadily growing network to help you get connected with all important players in the fintech ecosystem.
We have a clear member focus and are more than just delivering a summary or study. We offer professional guidance and assistance leveraging our collective experience.


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BFSITechtalks provides a range of specialized services designed to help startups grow and seize market opportunities. Our technological and support services, well-aligned to the needs of the financial sector, enable you to go further, faster.


Scale your business faster  by connecting with various startups and investors across our network


Showcase your solutions by sharing knowledge across our media channels and speaking at our tech talks.


Find investors in our network and pitch your solution at our dedicated investor events and secure funding.


Engage with our community, enjoy business introductions and get connected to fintech thought leaders.

Founding Partners Of BFSITechTalks

Wayne Brown

Wayne Brown is the founder and CEO of The Walker Group, a high-end banking and fintech advisory firm that has executed a spectrum of projects for the who’s-who of BFSI industry, fintechs and investors. Wayne is an active voice of the industry and a sought-after speaker in banking, fintech and investing industry events all over North America. You can reach him at wbrown@walkergroupnyc.com

Ross Pitcoff

Ross Pitcoff is an attorney with a portfolio of services for corporate, new technology (blockchain, crypto) and fashion industry. He has worked with clients from a broad spectrum of businesses and knows the risks and pitfalls from the back-of-the-napkin stage to IPO/exit stage. Ross is an entrepreneur with different interests, and brings a unique businessman-attorney perspective to his audience. You can reach him at ross@rosspitcofflaw.com

Buck Kulkarni

Buck Kulkarni is the founder & CEO of StartoSphere LLC, focused on helping fintechs adopt processes that make them a darling of the regulatory-sensitive BFSI sector; he helps the investors strategize their investments to maximize ROI; and helps the banks perform due diligence on fintechs. Buck sees a startup as an aircraft taking off and helps it quickly reach the stratosphere to rise above the turbulence, fly faster and minimize burn-rate. You can reach him at buck@startosphere.biz

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BFSITechTalks is an independent ecosystem that offers equal opportunities to all its members to find their sweet-spot in an ever-changing financial value chain. It is a membership based platform which connects parties together to create an inclusive ecosystem focused on accelerating financial innovation and inclusion.

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