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Product-Funding Alignment

Give money before time and it burns away; give it later and it may be too late! Product roadmap can be a great driver of fund infusion into the product and a synthesis of business model, product roadmap and revenue mile-stones can tell you how to space the fundings rounds

Competitive Analysis

"Our idea is so new, there is no competitor" is a common refrain in startups and in an era where a hundred fintechs are born every day and the FANGS want to claim an increasing share of consumers' minds every day (they know the wallet will follow), knowing who your investment will be competing against and how much time you have before GTM may be the key to your survival.

Monetization - How & When

Ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs often envision a very large canvas where monetization may come much later in the cycle. While that may be the case in some situations, it is often possible to identify intermediate monetization opportunities to help derisk the business. At the same time, you don't want the intermediate monetization to be so over-whelming that it impedes the product vision. An innovative approach can help achieve the right balance.

Business Architecture

Your offerings need to not just deliver the promised outcome but co-exist with many other architectures at the client end. Your customer bank will want to know not just what your piece does today and what it will do in the next 24-36 months to see if it aligns with their business architecture and play on the team, in a manner of speaking. A clear business vision and architecture, with agility to scale up and down and sideways, will be crucial to winning customers

Technology Due Diligence

In the early stages of a startup, time, money, and resources are all in short supply and the product is at highest risk of choosing sub-optimal technologies and processes. Ensuring right technology and processes will give your investment scale and longevity.

Ecosystem Optimization

Whatever be the product(s), the evolving enviornment mandates they participate in and leverage an ever-evolving ecosystem of tech partners, biz partners, startup communities, regualtors and compliance folks. They can be hooks that give you a grip on the climb or spikes that can tear your fabric!

Customer Readiness

The chasm between product readiness and customer readiness is often not clear to a startup. A large bank will have at least 12-15 different teams looking at your product and even if they are very keen to use your product, they cannot do it if your product does not pass the muster with these different, often contradictory, scrutinies.

Security & Compliance

No matter who your portfolio comapny serves, it is not going anywhere without a strong, proactive security, privacy and regulatory compliance posture. And if you are selling to BFSI, it is all the more serious. We take your product functionality, roadmap and possible directions and help you bake this in so you can grow freely and turn security, privacy and compliance into your competitive advantage!

Agility and Scalability

Agility, as they say, can be more a state of mind and adopting right practices is necessary to become and remain agile! Scalability, on the other hand, is almost entirely a physical matter consisting of technology, processes and people. Our governance expertise can help you bake both these attributes into your portfolio companies from day one!

Product Strategy & Mix

Product strategy, a roadmap to realize the same and clarity on your product and services mix is essential to keep your calm when turbulence hits (as it shall). Mad scrambles make great war stories but not good to live thru everyday!

Exit Strategy & Execution

The financial aspect of exit strategy is often well thought out but functional and technological exit strategy is more fundamental and can propel the financial aspect significantly! Who do you want to sell to? A Bank of America? A Google? A Salesforce? Building your functionality and technology with a specific focus on the same will attract the right investors and acquirers and you will fly thru their due diligence cycles.

Debt Or Equity Or Both

As an investor convinced about the viability and promise of one of your portfolio ideas and are ready to provide the money, aligning the business model to the type of funding can make or break the startup. Drawing up an investment plan aligned to the lifecycle, product roadmap, ESOP maturation and other parameters will multiply the value of your money.

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