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Business Strategy

As a FI, you like a startup's direction and see clear alignment with your plans. But what is that startup's business strategy? Is it going to stay aligned to your strategy or branch off into something not relevant to you? You invest a lot of effort, time and money in getting a startup to deliver value to your business and want to avoid a short-term or misaligned relationship.

Technology Strategy

Your organization has spent a lot of time, cost and money to streamline, optimize and stabilize your technology architecture. While it constrains your innovation at times, you know it is important in view of your customer, compliance, market partners' expectations. A startup product is vulnerable to changing technology strategy as it evolves and learns about the market and an abrupt change can cost you dearly.

Fintech Networking

You have a master plan (either formalized or as a direction) to engage with the startup community to learn, engage, and ingest emerging technologies and solutions to expand your portfolio of products and services. But many fintech startups do not have visibility in the market and you need to go out looking for them. This forum will allow you to meet many entrepreneurs, attend their showcases and build a pipeline of promising startups to leverage in your business.

Fintech Relationship & Agreements

You put your trust into a promising entrepreneur and his/her vision, help with expertise, access, and even capital and it becomes a win-win. And then you find the startup has been acquired by your rival or has offered it to your rival(s). With so much invested and your customers using it every day, it is hard to disengage. Attorneys that have navigated these waters can help you build the right legal foundation for the relationship so once you start using, you don't need to look back.

Builidng & Running Proofs of Concept

You see a great startup offering and see a great potential fit but you know the chasm between an exciting product and one that goes into your production is huge and increasing further. Find partners that understand your business, and your constraints and run proofs of concept on your behalf on your identified startups and products and certify them for you.

Security & Compliance Readiness

In your industry, finding a great vendor is only the beginning, making that vendor and their product jump thru the hoops of your legal, compliance, finance, security, audit and others is a separate and often, a much longer effort. You can meet experts here who can do it for you. Like they say, just heat it and eat it!

Incubation of Critical Fintechs

Once in while, you will meet an entrepreneur that is a god-send for you. S/he has the right product idea, has the expertise and all looks very promising. But you know the story along the way - more can go wrong than right! We can help you find partners that can 'adopt' such key startups and incubate them for you, bring them to an agreed state and then you take it forward the way you want.

Investing & Partnering Legal Framework

You have both a user interest and an investor interest in the startup ecosystem. You want to invest in specific areas (say ForEx, Payments..) and also do not have the bandwidth to get involved in the VC operations on a daily basis. You can meet excellent Venture Management firms in this network that can be your front-end for managing this entire lifecycle while provide you necessary control and returns.

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